Step will ensure that you are informed by deep insight
into both your business and the market context

Market Insight

Competitor analysis

We provide a clear view of relevant participants in the market to help identify opportunities and gaps in the market, trends and areas of growth.

Market segmentation

We provide clients with insight to better understand quantitative (size) and qualitative (profile) aspects of the relevant market.

Market sizing

We provide an external analysis of market size and value to understand how attractive the market/industry/segment is in terms of size, growth and revenue potential.

Trend analysis

We provide market trajectory research and insights with detailed information on industry/market behaviour.

Business Insight

Driver analysis

We provide a study of the relationships between many drivers in a business to identify the most important ones.

Propensity modelling

We provide a method of sizing and prioritising a client’s target market by integrating customer data from various divisions within a business.

Customer segmentation

We work collaboratively with management to extract customer insights and gain an in-depth segmentation of their customers.

Corporate dashboarding

We provide a real time control panel that consolidates company key drivers and performance metrics and make them available to management in a user friendly manner. This allows for specific focus on the right drivers.

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