Step will work with you to formulate and activate the growth strategies necessary
to give you the best chance of establishing your desired future

Strategy Formulation

Strategy facilitation

We provide a facilitation team consisting of talented individuals skilled in the science and art of facilitating the strategy process. The use of an expert external facilitator brings both objectivity and a fresh perspective when defining a focused strategy road map for success.

Strategic decision making

We provide strategy expertise and an ability to distil key issues and scenarios to address the major states of play envisaged by our clients. We engage with financial management and operational personnel to gain a full understanding of all conditions, assumptions, metrics, costs and benefits of the proposed project or business change. We then pull these into feasibility-, financial- and scenario- models.

Strategy Activation

Strategy communication

We provide strategy communication which allows strategy to become reality through establishing a clear message that all parties can understand and drive towards.

Strategic support

We provide a supportive partnership where we equip, serve and connect your business to unlock profitable and sustainable results.

Strategic execution plan

We provide a detailed plan to help you achieve your strategy. Step translates strategy into practical steps and actions, where our team guides the design, assembly and deployment plan of a client’s future business to realise the full value of new business growth or the benefits from operational savings.

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