Step will represent you as we source and provide the specific
talent necessary to enable you to make any meaningful growth
strategy a reality

Talent Sourcing

We match the highest performing people available in the market to the identified open roles that are needed to deliver excellence and growth for the leadership teams we work with. These include permanent, temporary or bulk roles.

Through our non-intrusive interactions with key people in the team, we are able to build the profile of a role which would highlight the success indicator; the cultural elements and competencies that need to be emphasised; and any derailers of the role.

We are then able to identify and access the right candidates from our database. Using a Strength Match Score, we will bring to the table only the candidates with the closest match to ensure a far more likely fit.

Flexible Resourcing

We provide flexible interim support to any business in the form of short or long term contracting.

Having walked a journey with our clients, we understand that permanently placing high end talent is expensive. There is therefore need to bring in temporary talent to meet the interim requirements of the business.

Through our network, we are able to source and manage the right talent to help you meet your business objectives.

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